Psychological first aid

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Further advice and support

When something happens that is distressing, unexpected or affects the people we are close to, most people will experience a reaction that can be unpleasant, disturbing and potentially overwhelming.

KRTS Power to Respond® aims to give you information and guidance to support you through the early days following a crisis and traumatic event. Understanding our reaction and how we can help ourselves at such a difficult time means that we are more likely to recover quickly and fully. It also helps us get professional help at any early stage when this recovery is hampered or stuck.

You may feel particularly vulnerable if you

There are many reasons why sometimes people need more professional advice and support and it is helpful to access this at an early stage.

You should always seek professional help, if …

You are finding it difficult to manage any aspect of your reaction

You do not have someone to share your thoughts, feelings and experience with and you think this would be helpful.

You feel despair or have thoughts of harming yourself.

You have any concerns about how you, or others, are reacting.

You don’t feel that you have improving as time passes.

Please Remember! Professional help is usually available from your doctor or through your employer. Don’t suffer in silence!

If your employer provided you with access to this App, then you should contact them via either your line manager, Human Resources department, Occupational Health unit or Employee Assistance Provider as indicated when you were given access.

Your doctor or medical centre may be able to offer additional support and it is always recommended that you speak to them about how you are reacting.

There are many other routes to professional crisis support including private therapists, mental health organisations and the voluntary sector. Their terms and conditions will vary along with their experience, but most will offer a free initial consultation so that you can both decide whether their services would be appropriate.

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